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who we are

We're in this for the love of bikes.

Garage Bike Project is an engineering consultancy founded by Dan Roberts, based out of Champéry, Switzerland.

It was founded on the simple love of riding bikes and relishes the challenge of taking projects from concept to production, as after all, you can‘t go for a ride on just an idea.

With a constant desire to go off into the woods and ride there is an underlying philosophy to engineer functionality and durability into everything we work on, so that when the time comes to down tools and pick up our beloved bike it‘s going to perform and do its job of plastering our face with a grin.

And being located smack bang in the middle of the Alps, it needs to do this job ride after ride, otherwise we‘ll be chin scratching and tinkering into the early hours.


Behind this grin however we always get the work done and strive to have it to the highest standard, delivered on time in a professional service and be easy to communicate with. On the inside of the company lies a hive of theoretical and analytical skills interlaced with a solid background of experience encompassing development, wrenching and riding.

Let‘s work together and bring something to life that we‘ll both be proud to stand behind.

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