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Scott sports


  • Lightest production XC hardtail at 849g

  • Split frame concept divided into a stiffness backbone & comfort zone

  • Stiff and responsive under rider inputs

  • Comfortable both sat down & stood up

  • Extremely high grade composite materials & manufacturing

  • FEA optimised, structurally & at a composite level

  • Maticulous attention to weight saving while maintaining function & form

  • Complete bike engineering – all hardware parts, chainguide & headset

voltage fr

  • Extremely fun & versitile freeride bike

  • Configurations from enduro to DH

  • Adjustability in wheel size, travel, head angle & chain stay length

  • High levels of technology crammed in while being very price conscious

  • Focus on excellent geometry & kinematic design

  • Structurally stiffer & more durable than its predecessor while not being more expensive


  • Fun & durable dirt jump & pump track hardtail

  • Big focus on having the best geometry available

  • Solid and reliable aluminium construction

  • Simple and robust chain stay length adjustment

  • Hidden structural elements to create strength for the FMB World Tour riders

  • A focus on keeping an affordable price

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